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Friday, 22 February 2013

New treatment targets in the microcirculation

A joint symposium organized by the British Pharmacological Society and the British Microcirculation Society on 'New pharmacological targets in the microcirculation' will take place from 9.30am - 12.30pm on Thursday 19th December 2013.

This is one of the 10 symposia taking planned for Pharmacology 2013 - the next BPS annual winter meeting, to be held Tuesday 17th - Thursday 19th December, 2013  at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London.

The following 5 themes will be addressed during the symposium:
- microcirculation pharmacology and therapeutic targets by Professor Chris Garland, University of Oxford, UK;
- leukocyte trafficking through microvessels: emergence of novel anti-inflammatory therapeutic avenues by Professor Sussan Nourshargh, Queen Mary University of London
- new approaches for modulating retinal angiogenesis by Professor Alan Stitt, Queen’s University Belfast, UK;
- pharmacological approaches for reducing risk of microvascular stroke
syndromes by Professor Donald Singer, University of Warwick, UK
- microvascular targets in oncology by Professor Kristian Pietras, University of Lund, Sweden.

Abstracts are welcome for Pharmacology 2013 on this microcirculation theme, in addition to the wide range of themes relevant to the spectrum of pharmacology from bench to bedside, disease prevention and beyond.

Pharmacology 2013 (formerly the BPS Winter Meeting) attracts around 800 scientists each year, from throughour the UK, from across Europe and from overseas. The meeting includes a selection of topical symposia, plenary lectures, free oral communications and poster sessions which cover the many aspects of pharmacology from basic to clinical science.

Abstracts and registration for Pharmacology 2013 will open in early Autumn 2013.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Entries from 29 countries for the 2013 Hippocrates Prize

Entries are now closed for the 2013 Hippocrates Prize Open and NHS categories.
There were over 1000 entries from 29 countries: from throughout the United Kingdon and USA (39 states), and from Canada to China, Switzerland to South Africa, Netherlands to Australia and New Zealand.
In order of number of entries received, poems were from: United Kingdom, USA, New Zealand, Ireland, India, Canada, Australia, France, Switzerland, Nigeria, Germany, South Africa, Greece, Belgium, China, Mexico, Netherlands, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Montenegro, Zimbabwe, Poland, Macedonia and Spain.

Entries remain open for the 2013 Hippocrates category for Young Poets aged 14-18 years: deadline 12 midnight GMT 1st March.  

This new category in the Hippocrates Prize is for Young Poets from anywhere in the world and is for an unpublished poem of up to 50 lines in English on a medical theme. The entry fee is £2 per individual poem or £15 per group of 10 poems entered e.g. from a poetry society or school.
The Hippocrates Prize for Young Poets will be judged by poet Clare Pollard, who published her first collection of poetry at the age of 19. The Young Poets Prize offers an award of £500 for the best poem. There will also be ten commendations.

Short-listed poets in all categories of the Hippocrates Prize will be informed by mid-April.
Awards will be announced by the judges on 18th May, 2013 at the Wellcome Collection in London at the end of the 4th International Symposium on Poetry and Medicine.