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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Stress and recovery in junior doctors

@HealthMed This blog is the start of a series of occasional notes highlighting articles of note published in the Postgraduate Medical Journal, the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine's first journal, launched in 1925, with the continued aim of educating doctors and other health professionals.
In the September 2011 issue, Dr Elke Ochsmann and colleagues from Aachen in north-west Germany report on a study of almost 1500 junior doctors. The authors report that 'Overtime work seems to be the important work related factor concerning junior doctors' level of strain'.
They add that for recovery from work-related stress 'performance feedback from colleagues seems to be a major resource'.
The conclude that the 'findings have implications regarding work time regulations and the necessity of leadership skill development training' in developing a better support system for junior doctors.

See the article for further information.

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