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Monday, 21 May 2012

Some patient perspectives within the 2012 Hippocrates Symposium and Awards

@HealthMed Nicole Hodges discussed the 2012 Hippocrates Symposia and Awards in Disability Arts Online.

For some further examples of patient perspectives on medicine within the 2012 Hippocrates Symposia and Awards:

Clare Wilmot was a symposium speaker on her experience of the impact of poetry on her own convalescence from leukaemia.
In the 2012 awards:
-  the heart patient with frightening arrhythmia awaiting catheter relief by Connie Levesque, or with risk of sudden cardiac death syndrome, depending on high tech implantable cardiac defibrillator for recurrent salvation (anticipating the footballer Fabrice Muamba's experience), and Claudia Daventry on a patient's misread signs from the heart
- several describe the friend or relative knowing not enough or too muc
- 3rd person narratives eg on stress disorders by Elizabeth Anne Gleeson
- Amanda Carver and Alex Josephy on patient angst or relief linked to test results
- Rafael Campo on experience or concern re blood-borne disease/HIV
- Carol Whitfield on co-morbidity of age 
- Frances-Anne King's oblique reference to a detail of life with cancer treatment
- Neil Ferguson on the day to day experience of the patient's waits
- Andy Jackson on the  volunteer - as much a debt owed to patients as the healthy, or perhaps in this case the bone marrow transplant donor

The full 46 awarded and commended entries have been published in the 2012 Hippocrates Awards Anthology - available for online order.

The Hippocrates Prize 2012. The winning and commended poems. 
Selected by judges Professor Rod Flower FRS, Marilyn Hacker and Martha Kearney. 
Edited by Michael Hulse and Donald Singer. 
Hippocrates Press, London, 2012. ISBN 978-0-9572571-0-8