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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Digital Health: Catapulting Personalised Medicine Forward

In a new collaboration, on 27th November 2014 the UK’s Digital Catapult, the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine, IDEALondon, and Vital Transformation brought together leading experts working at the frontiers of research where personalised medicine and medicines, and health technologies intersect.
Round table sessions featured demonstrations of how next-generation technologies and social media will integrate with public health, thus facilitating the burgeoning market for personalised medicines. The symposium included disruptive start-ups and technology practitioners finding common ground in bringing secure personal health data to the public and advice on stratified medicines to prescribers and their patients.
The Digital Catapult, launched in November 2014, aims to place electronic and mobile technologies at the forefront of their future public health strategy. 

Publications arising from the symposium will be published in the FPM journal Health Policy and Technology.

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