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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Poetry and medicine: from helping patients in palliative care to educating health professionals

The 6th Hippocrates Symposium on Poetry and Medicine will be held in London on Friday 22nd May 2015 and will conclude with the Awards Ceremony for the 2015 Open, NHS and Young Poets Prize.
The Symposium will include posters, lectures, round table discussions and poetry readings.
Poets shortlisted for the Hippocrates Prize
There will be sessions on historical and contemporary themes, illness and poetry, poetry as therapy, poetry in the education of medical students, nurses and doctors, and poetry as an aid to health professionals. 
The programme of lectures, round table discussions, poetry readings and the Hippocrates Awards Ceremony will be published on the Symposium website. 
The Symposium Faculty includes:

Catherine Bailey (Northumbria Uni: poetry and dementia); Giskin Day (Imperial College, London: speaker on poetry in medical education); Wendy French (University College Hospital, London: poetry in palliative care and poetry reading); Joseph Gascho (Hummelstown, USA: poetry and echocardiography); Rebecca Goss (poetry reading and 2015 judge); Michael Hulse (University of Warwick; chair); Romi Jones (poetry and dementia); Femi Oyebode (University of Birmingham; 2015 judge); Simon Rae (2015 judge); Vicky Riley (University College Hospital, London: poetry in paliatitve care); Donald Singer (FPM, London; chair); Ellen Storm (Liverpool: poetry reading); Karen McCarthy Woolf (London: poetry reading); John Riddington Young (speaker: Bidford - Phineas Fletcher and the Purple Island).

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