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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Microcirculation and the 2012 UK-US international Conference

@HealthMed The MicroCirc2012 conference at Keble College Oxford, 4-6 July, was co-organized by the British Microcirculation Society and the US Microcirculatory Society

Why study the microcirculation? The microvessels - small arteries, capillaries and small venules - play a vital role in providing nutrition to and removing waste products from vital organs. Microvessels are also critical for healthy maintenance of blood pressure. 

D Singer and PhD student H Saedon at MicroCirc2012
And in a wide range of diseases, a spectrum of inflammatory factors, acting on and/or derived from the microcirculation, contribute to disease causation and severity, and provide both biomarkers and targets for prevention and treatment of serious diseases from cardiovascular syndromes to diabetes, inflammatory disease and cancer, and from early abnormalities in the fetal circulation to diseases of ageing. 

A series of delegates posts are now appearing from the MicroCirc2012 conference, from a wide range of specialists, from molecular biologists to imagers, and from 1st year PhD students to senior academics. 

See more about the microcirculation and the 2012 Conference in reflections of principal organizer Professor Chris Garland, posts from delegates and in video interviews with Professor Giovanni Mann from King's College London, and Professor Steven Segal from Columbus, Missouri, USA.