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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Healthy heart awards

The results of the inaugural 2011 ‘Healthy Heart Awards’ were announced on Thursday 14th July 2011 at a Symposium on Exercise and Cardiovascular Health organised in London by the Cardiovascular Research Trust. The overall 2011 award and best secondary school award went to the Enterprise Club of the Joseph Leckie CTC, Walsall. Best primary school award went to Forsbrook Primary, Stoke-on-Trent. And a ‘highly commended' award went to Hill West Primary School, Sutton Coldfield.  

The Cardiovascular Research Trust, supported by HTI, launched these new Healthy Heart Awards for schools and colleges in November 2010. The challenge for entrants to the 'Healthy Heart Awards' was to develop ideas for interactive educational ‘Healthy Heart’ programmes. The aim of the awards is to engage young and older school and college students from around the world in the health of their hearts. The aim of the award is to engage young and older school and college students in their health. 
Entries were to consist of original material and could include: a logo; pictures and names for suggested characters; text and images for and about helpful messages about health and the heart, favourite sports and activities, healthy foods and how they can help the heart, unhealthy things to avoid, how unhealthy things can harm the heart, heart problems; questions and quizzes; outlines for moving picture sequences for games to link any of the above; other ideas which could add to an educational ‘Healthy heart’ game. The organisers hoped that participating children and students would enjoy taking part, and that the Awards would provide an innovative opportunity for teaching and learning relevant to the curriculum, both for science and health.
Ben Edge, teacher at Joseph Leckie Community Technology College, winner of the overall 2011 Healthy Heart Awards, was impressed by the science learning, team-working, interest in health, and development of enterprise and commercial skills that taking part in the Awards inspired in his school students. He observed that “The ‘Healthy Heart App’ challenge from the CVRT allowed the students the opportunity to work towards a common goal as part of a team.
He added: "the students really enjoyed designing games and characters for the App, as well as researching and developing educational materials that teenagers can use to educate themselves about maintaining a healthy heart. The Joseph Leckie CTC Enterprise Club were able to develop important Enterprise and Commercial thinking skills by working towards the criteria provided by The CVRT.”
Mrs Emma Hindmarch, Year 6 Teacher at Forsbrook in the West Midlands, winner of the Primary School category in the 2011 Healthy Heart Awards, said, "We are absolutely thrilled to have won the Healthy Heart Primary School Award. The children really enjoyed researching good and bad things about the heart.  It was also a fun way for them to work together to revise the school's science curriculum."
Pupils from Hill West Primary also enjoyed taking part:
Khadeim, Year Six, said "I was really excited to be able to enter this competition which involved us developing an app that could help other children realise what is needed for a healthy heart."

Emily, Year Six, added: 'the whole experience was incredibly informative, I learnt a lot moreover I am happy to be educating other children in an exciting way via an app."

From the teaching perspective, Mrs Diane Hardeman, the teaching Assistant who co-ordinated the Hill West entry, said: "the competition enabled our pupils to use their scientific knowledge in a fun and esciting way. It is wonderful to see their efforts have been acknowledged furthermore we all look forward to seeing the app once it has been developed."
Award winning schools and colleges will have their entries incorporated into an ‘app’ to help children and young people around the world to find out more about the heart and how to keep it as healthy as possible.

Winners of the The 2012 Healthy Heart Awards will be announced in Summer 2012 in London at a Symposium on Cardiovascular Health organized by the Cardiovascular Research Trust.  

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