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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Exercise and cardiovascular health

The good news is that even mild activity can be helpful in keeping healthy and in reducing risk of joining the pandemic of cardiovascular disease in the 'developed' world and emerging epidemic of heart attacks and strokes in less developed countries.
At the elite end of the exercise spectrum, internationally competitive athletes benefit from positive feedback effects of exercise on the heart and circulation. 
And for patients with established clinical heart problems, exercise under medical supervision is now well recognised to help to complement medical and surgical treatments to aid recovery and reduce the risk of future heart disease.
Not a good idea though for the out-of-condition to go from none to extreme exercise. What advice should the health or sports professional consider ?
These themes form the programme for a symposium on 'Exercise and cardiovascular health' in London on the afternoon of Thursday 14th July 2011. 
Of interest to a diverse audience - sports professionals and health professionals and students looking for an update on benefits and risks of exercise, from prospective to the elite athletes interested in benefits of exercise for their health and performance, to people with heart conditions wanting to find out more about exercise and the heart. And as an interesting case study on extreme athletes, surgeon and Everest researcher and mountaineer Professor Chris Imray will be discussing exercise at extreme altitude. 

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